Monday, November 21, 2016

Trans South Dakota Individual Time Trial (ITT) - Get Started

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Several years ago a friend and I hoping one day to challenge ourselves with doing the Tour Divide.  In our preparing we came up with several different challenges to make sure we would be able to successfully finish the 2700+ miles of the Divide.  This is one of our challenges I used in preparing for my 2017 run at Divide.  I hope you find it enjoyable yet challenging.  And may a Tour Divide run be in your future! 



720 miles across the state of South Dakota.  Highlights - Black Hills, Mickelson Trail, Mt. Rushmore, Pigtail Highway, SD Open Range, Badlands, National Grasslands, State Capital, SD Gravel, and the Worlds Only Corn Palace.

  1. Individual Time Trial allows you to pick the date of this challenge.
  2. Self-support and your own integrity are the guiding principles here.
  3. Complete the entire route as provided in the GPX file, under your own power, and only your own power.
  4. No support crews or pre-arranged support, with the exception of mail drops to Post Offices along the route.
  5. No caches.
  6. Don’t break the law.
  7. Spot tracking is mandatory to be listed in the results.
Trans South Dakota Individual Time Trial (ITT) is not associated with the mass start race in any way.
Go to for details of the mass start event.

  • Beulah, WY - Start
  • Spearfish - 13 miles
  • Deadwood - 59 miles
  • Rochford - 83 miles
  • Hill City - 106 miles
  • Mt Rushmore - 116 miles
  • Hermosa - 140 miles
  • Wall - 219 miles
  • Phillip 260 miles
  • Ft. Pierre - 350 miles
  • Pierre - 367 miles
  • Wessington Springs - 495 miles
  • Letcher - 529 miles
  • Mitchell - 547 miles
  • Menno - 603 miles
  • Viborg - 644 miles
  • Centerville - 654 miles
  • Sioux City, IA - 720 miles - Finish

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